how to use a lipstick brush

lipstickHow to use a #makeup with your #lip #brush and how to pick the right #color of #red some #women think they can not #wear the #red”s in lipstick is timeless and bridges and age culture the secret is choosing the right red lipstick Color. Is the undertone pink- skinned women should opt for cherry red these with Oliver skin. Can wear fire- engine red Dark skin women looks great with deep reds one big lipstick You don”t wear lipstick to match your fashion young or old. It don”t appeal in women you can use a primer if you don”t want to go way out. use a touch of a primer and then apply red lipstick. over your lips with your fingertips. To get result of  gorgeous shades of red if you don”t think a lipstick speak for you stop wearing lick stick and find out. if we don’t like a lipstick how do we tone it down.? wipe your color off then you can create a lip color by blending your lips to the color you want to tone  it down. because it”s too, bright tone down your color with a darker  lip liner before  applying lipstick.  use an  brush when applying strong colors you will need a mirror so you want pat outside edge of mouth.  Thank you for reading my article come back again to leave  a remark and a comment and follow me. On social  media try some of my products  at and check some of my coupons out 20%off 50.00 plus free shipping use code welcome Gwendolyntansil :roll: