Why I want to sell avon as and avon representative?

As and Avon #representative you partner with #Avon and be your own #boss for yourself. but not by yourself we continue to get that great support we always have had as a new Avon #representative what is in Avon for you as a new representative?

you will get unlimed earning up to 50%off of your sales

one-time fee only 15.00

no minimum order size no quotas, no inventory to ever buy

#Totally flexible hours you choose when and how much you want to work and how much money you want to make.

#Free complete training and  double support from Avon and  Representatives and on Social media  groups as a team. we can show  you how to achieve your success achieve your business dream.

your own personal website free discounts on your products every two weeks. here is some example of the earning charts.

0-49.00 0%

50- 149.99- 20%

150-249- 30%




when you sell Avon you earn 20% commission for your online sales

when you sell 40% you  profit in your first 4 campaigns to learn more contact me and ask me how!! follow me on social media my blog at beautyand beautiful.com  I have a group on facebook beauty and fashion leave me a comment or a like Thank you  for stopping by my website at youravon.com/gwendolyntansilavon130 years